About us


AtlanticSoft is a six year old company dedicated to help businesses with an online presence grow and optimize their processes. We work hard to understand our clients’ needs in order to give them real solutions that will represent the success for their businesses. We accompany our clients processes from the beginning of the project development based on Agile´s methodology and Scrum. With these methodologies the client may be sure that will make part of the team during the whole process.

This allows to control and make changes if necessary on time. Our methodology is based on the constant communication with our clients, which is what builds a long term business relationship. In that way we grow up as our clients do, so we care and feel responsible for their success. So more than a company that develops online stores, we are a strategically.

As Ecommerce experts, we use the most convenient technologies applicable to the development that our client requires. We have wide experience with helping online businesses, sales on marketplaces like ebay and amazon.

Our team is always encouraged to give their best and so they are young experienced professionals that can propose the best solution, making our valuable service an experience that you will love to repeat.