Integrated Software Development Department

Integrated Software Development Department

You're the CEO of a small or medium-sized business who recognizes that your firm needs software skills to stay competitive. Still, you're not sure where to begin, given the amount of complexity available.

We will assist you in establishing a Nearshore Software Development Department that will merge and grow with your firm, creating long-term value working on your objectives.

Independent Agile Teams For Companies With a CTO or CIO

Independent Agile Teams For Companies With a CTO or CIO

You're a CTO/CIO who wants to eliminate outsourcing projects that are difficult to manage and virtually always result in a spat with the vendor. You know what you require, but the present competitive market is making it difficult to find and retain software engineers.

We can set up long-term independent agile teams tailored to your specific technical requirements and technology that will integrate and collaborate to achieve the company's objectives.


Entire team incorporated with the business with open and constant communication.

At least part-time commitment for infrastructure and leadership roles, full-time commitment for software developers.

Open transparent business model with full disclosure based on the team members salaries.

Tech Leads, Seniors, Intermediates, Beginners, and Interns allocated to long-term goals in a strategic talent pool.

Diverse English skills necessary for successful communication, as well as keeping the team cost-effective and accessible to fresh talent.

Proxy Product Owner or Project Leader to empower the team and keep them aligned with company goals.

Technical excellence as a guiding pillar - DevOps, Agile Methodologies and Software Craftsmanship manifesto as our base.

Continuous Improvement and growth opportunities for team members on salary, position and education.

AtlanticSoft vets and selects team members.

Long-term Intentions, incremental team growth.

Colombian local and remote talent with all the nearshore benefits for both the company and the team members.


Part-Time or full time remote CTO/CIO - Project Partner

If you don't have an in-house CTO or CIO, this person's main goal is the long-term success of the company, thus working with CEO and stakeholders to ensure that the best solutions are integrated or developed.


Part-Time or Full-Time Cloud Infrastructure (Amazon, Azure, Google Cloud)

Having a good and optimized infrastructure is vital for both scalability, grow and cost management. Today; there are many cloud providers and services that if used well will help the company integrate and automate.


Full Time Project Manager or Proxy product Owner

Having someone to work closely with the development team on the day-to-day tasks, but also with the company product owner is essential to deliver the right product optimizing development time.


Full-Time Dedicated Senior Front-End / Back-End Developer

Depending on the evaluated technical needs, at least one Senior Backend and/or 1 Senior frontend developer will be needed to lead the team technically.


Intermediate or Semi Senior Devs

To keep team cost more affordable and depending on the company needs, we will advise o having an intermediate or semi senior developer to help the team finish tasks, but also allow for future team growth.


Juniors and Interns

We will assign juniors and interns that will contribute to the team. It is a must to have a talent pipeline with the project knowledge and business domain that through a continuous improvement plan will provide future capacity.

While we work to create circumstances for long-term consistency and decreased rotation, the sector is highly competitive, and we must set up teams who are ready to make changes at any time.

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