Members: 5 programmers , 1 product owner, 2 virtual assistants

Quality Tools: PHPUnit, Codeception, Nose, Pytest, Aloe and CI with Gitlab

AWS: Ec2, S3, Fargate, Cloud Formation , Ecs , Rds , Sqs , Lambda, Dynamo, Elastic Load Balancer, Api Gateway, Route 53, Cloudfront, Vpc And Redis Elastic Cache

Integrations: Amazon Advertising And Mws Apis, Ebay Apis, Keepa Apis, Azure Api, Aws Api And Orchestration

Description: The team built from scratch an ecommerce automation system that helped the client become one of the biggest ebay sellers with over 500k items listed on multiple stores and a high volume of sales inventory , listing , returns and ordering is 95% automated

Technologies: Php, Codeigniter , Symfony , Sylex, Python, Flask, Klein, Scrappy, Docker, Mongo, Mongo Sharding, Chrome Extensions, Gearman Job Server ,Serverless, Javascript, Rabbitmq And Raspberry Pi, Virtual Machines

Project: Ecommerce marketplace automation

Time With Client: 7 years